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Your problem solver for complex projects in the areas of restructuring, repositioning, redevelopment and transaction support.

About us

Technicians. Pragmatists. Problem solvers.

Fox Projekt sees itself as a problem solver and service provider for complex technical questions concerning real estate. We think from the perspective of the real estate owner—our goal is an economically sensible and technically perfect solution for your problem. We act pragmatically, fast and uncomplicated.


Axel Czaja is managing partner of Fox Projekt. Before founding Fox Projekt, Axel Czaja was managing director of CR Technical Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of CR Investment Management GmbH in the field of technical asset management and construction management.

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Lara Nawe is the commercial manager of Fox Projekt. She previously worked as a consultant at Kerkhoff Group GmbH.

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Chantal Heine is the technical assistant of Fox Projekt. She previously worked as a project manager at CR Technical Solutions GmbH.

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Jan Wessels is an assistant at Fox Projekt. Prior to that, he was employed as commercial manager at an IT company here in Düsseldorf.

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Michael Urban is a proxy and senior project manager at Fox Projekt GmbH and has detailed knowledge in the management and execution of national and international technical and environmental due diligence projects of single properties, real estate portfolios and industrial sites.

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Hans J. Strathmann is senior project manager and technical director at Fox Projekt and was previously head of technical planning at Bonn University hospitals.

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Helmut Hünert is a senior project manager at Fox Projekt and has many years of experience in the areas of construction and property management as well as in the awarding of contracts for construction work.

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Frank Stockhaus is a senior project manager at Fox Projekt. After studying architecture, Mr. Stockhaus worked for several years in the planning and tendering departments of a Hamburg architectural office.

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Jürgen Röther is senior project manager at Fox Projekt. Previously, he worked internationally for general contractors, automotive suppliers and in management positions in several hospitals.

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Mecdin Kurt is a Senior Project Manager at Fox Projekt and was previously a project manager at Peek & Cloppenburg KG Düsseldorf for over 11 years, where he was responsible for refurbishment and new construction.

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Maximilian Wendler is Senior Project Manager at Fox Projekt and brings many years of experience in all areas of the real estate industry to the team.

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Hadyeh Hajebi is an architect at Fox Projekt. Earlier she also worked as an architect in a planning and project company.

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Rania Dabbour is a junior architect at Fox Projekt. Previously, she worked as an open space planner and architect for international offices in Dubai.

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Fox Projekt is the link between real estate owners and technical service providers

Range of services

Complex projects. Technically penetrated. Economically implemented.

As a specialist for complex projects, we create added value for you through the optimization, management and control of planned measures, as well as professional representation with authorities, specialist engineers and executing companies. We understand your way of thinking as an owner and work out fast, pragmatic and entrepreneurial-oriented solutions.

Building Law

  • Assessment of and planning and problem solving for building defects
  • Fire protection
  • Construction loads
  • Change of use

Transaction support

  • Technical advice for purchase and sale (TDD)
  • CAPEX planning for business plan
  • Evaluation of the technical conditions during sales negotiations

Renovation / Repair

  • Customer-oriented organization and support of renovation and repair services for roofing and specialist trades, as well as TGA


  • Research and feasibility studies
  • Repositioning concepts
  • Redevelopment planning

Digital Fox

  • Visualisierungen / Renderings / Digital Real Estate
  • Mediensektor: Entwurf von Broschüren, Pitchmedien, Marktanalysen und anderen Immobilienmarketingmaterialien

Innovative Architecture Fox

  • Interiorsektor mit Staging-Abteilung
  • Komplettstruktur: Projektentwicklung, Visualisierung, Produktion, Steuerung, Betreuung und Einrichtung
  • Detailgetreue Produktion von Interior-/Exterior-Accessoires und Möbeln anhand von Fotos


Construction volume over 150 million euros. More than 40 years of experience.

The Fox team has more than 40 years of professional experience and in recent years has managed a construction volume of more than 150 million euros nationwide in the office, retail, logistics, hotel and residential sectors. From simple maintenance and services to TDD investigations to complex conversions with comprehensive fire protection issues and statistical and building technology interventions.

Neuer Zollhof

Installation of central cold water system and refrigeration plant during operation, office tower in Düsseldorf, construction volume €760,000.

Campus Kunstpalast

Office building, approx. 21,000 m² Current benefits: Planning and project management for the conversion and extension of the office tower in Düsseldorf from single tenant to multi-tenant. Project management of the improvements throughout the building.

Citytower Offenbach

Planning application and completion of a lease contract for the conversion of an office tower into a hotel in Offenbach.

Cologne Pesch

Conversion of a former Praktiker home improvement center in Cologne-Pesch. Development of rental space for a large company for motorcycle accessories. Approx. 2,000 m² of rental space. Change in building materials, conversion, renovation and refurbishment. Construction volume €1.1 million.

Cologne Neumarkt

Office building Cologne Neumarkt: Complete renovation of water and sewage installations and upgrade of air conditioning technology; clarification of the fire protection situation.

NordseePassage Wilhelmshaven

Restructuring and tenant improvements (approx. 7,500 m²) of a Wilhelmshaven shopping center.

Silberpalais, Duisburg

Office building, approx. 40,000 m² Services provided: Purchase review, project management for the modernization of air conditioning systems, repair of underground car park and various CAPEX measures

Seestern Tower, Düsseldorf

Office building, approx. 21,000 m² Services provided: Project management for the renovation of the refrigeration plants and various CAPEX measures

Maanplein, Den Haag

Office building, approx. 40,000 m² Current benefits: purchase review, representation of clients


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